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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool
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Yarn and Fibres

In 1968 Jamieson & Smith decided to have some of the Real Shetland Wool they bought from the crofters and farmers of Shetland spun into knitting yarns. We have produced a range of Real Shetland Knitting yarns to suit the needs of the knitters and craft's people around the globe ever since, we were amongst the first of our type of company to begin direct mail order to our customers.

Jamieson & Smith were and still are today, responsible for handling over 80% of the local Wool clip, from approximately 700 wool producers. And so it is our task to develop new yarns and products and create demand for our Real Shetland wool to ensure a healthy return to our loyal crofters and farmers.

Information and more details on types of yarns and their uses can be found in each individual yarn type.

Yarn Weight J&S Range Name
1ply = 1ply Cobweb & 1ply Shetland Supreme Lace
2ply / Lace = 2ply Lace & 2ply Shetland Supreme Lace
3ply / Light Fingering = Shetland Heritage & Shetland Heritage Natural
4ply / Fingering = 2ply Jumper Weight & Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight
5ply / Gansey =  5ply Shetland
Aran =  Shetland Aran Worsted
Combed Tops / Roving = Combed Tops