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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool


See a selection of our most commonly asked questions below, if you still cant find what you are looking for please contact us
I would like a specific dye lot. How can I request this?
To specify a dye lot, please make a note of it (with the shade number) in the Delivery and Order Comments box at checkout.
I am going to knit something but I am worried I will run out of wool, what should I do?
When you place your order, ensure you buy enough to complete your project, we cannot be held responsible for yarn shortages. In kits the yarn amount have been set by the designer and should be correct but that information is based on matching their tension, if you have to make changes to needle sizes or guage that will affect how much yarn is used.
To make you sure will have enough make time to knit a guage swatch and ensure your guage matches the pattern.
I cant find the shade I need, it has mix on it or the name doesnt match, what do I do?
In the case of 2ply Jumper Weight you only need go by the number - if there is an added 'mix' at the end ignore that and go by the number - ie shade 72 and 72 mix are the same shade. 
What payment methods can I use?
You can choose your payment method at the checkout. Select Credit/Debit Card to pay with a card, or Paypal to pay with your Paypal account. With both these methods you can be confident that your payment will be processed at the highest level of security. Your card details are not disclosed to Jamieson & Smith, as the payment is processed securely online.
Can I place an order from outside the UK?
Of course, we send orders worldwide. All taxes and postal rates are calculated automatically as you proceed through the order. For orders within the EU you unfortunately will probably be charged extra once the parcel arrives in your country due to Brexit.
You’ve sent me a Paypal request but I do not have a Paypal Account, how can I pay?
This is no problem; you can pay a Paypal request with either a Paypal account or your debit/credit card.
How do I find out if the product I want is in stock?
All our products are subject to availability. We are a working shop as well as an online shop so sometimes things can go out of stock before we are able to remove them from the website. If this happens we will be in touch to offer an alternative, or a refund.
The website is not showing properly on my screen, how can I fix it?
Our website is compatible with current versions of most web browsers. If you are having trouble, try checking you have the most up to date version of your web browser.
I tried to place an order but have not received a confirmation email, what does this mean?
If you don’t receive a confirmation within 24 hours you should check your spam or junk mail folders, if the email is nowhere to be found then email us and we will check.
My payment process was not completed because my page refreshed/browser updated. What should I do?
If you think the order wasn’t completed, please send us an email and we will check.
I’ve been trying to contact you by phone but can’t get an answer, what should I do?
Please remember that we're a small company and we're not always able to get to the phone. We will get back to you as soon as possible if you drop us a quick email.
Wool Supplier FAQs
I am a local crofter/farmer and would like information about selling my wool to Jamieson & Smith. Who should I contact?
We love answering questions for new wool suppliers, as well as our 700+ existing ones. We offer a completely open and transparent system - both with the wool itself, which is tracked through our processing stages, and in our procedures and policies.
Common questions from our suppliers include how we handle the wool (including sorting and grading), where it goes after it comes through our doors, how we set prices, and what we are doing to increase the returns to Shetland's local wool industry. We do not sell our wool at auction (where actual net prices paid for the wool are significantly lower than the gross price reported and are therefore unhelpful to the wool supplier). Instead, we work hard to add the most value for our suppliers - and retain control of the authenticity of Real Shetland Wool - by marketing and selling it ourselves (both through Jamieson & Smith and our parent company, Curtis Wool Direct) all over the world.
Please visit us at our North Road Wool Store to see and hear first hand what we do and how we do it. Alternatively, don't hesitate to phone or email us.