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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool
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Natural Combed Tops

The natural shades of wool used in our combed tops are from the fleece of the Real Shetland sheep that roam our heather-clad hills, peat moors and seashore, making it a truly environmentally friendly product. The wool is purchased by us from Shetland's crofters and farmers, graded and sorted by us, and sent to our parent company, Curtis Wool Direct, at Haworth Scouring Bradford where it is scoured to the highest standards then combed. They are ideal for felting, and of course, hand spinning, as they are processed they can also be shipped abroad to countries that have strict fibre controls which stops us being able to ship raw fleece.

Natural shades vary but the shades available sorted as white, fawn, light grey, grey, moorit and black.
The main characteristics of Shetland fleece are fibre fineness, soft handle and strength.

Although every effort has been taken to show accurate colours, the colours shown here are a guide - as the colours are natural and undyed they can be different each time.