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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool
Natural Combed Tops - Fawn

Natural Combed Tops - Fawn

Jamieson & Smith
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Our Shetland Combed Tops are loved by hand spinners, felt makers and producers of top quality textile items made from the very finest Shetland Wool. The wool for Shetland Combed Tops is hand-selected from the best fleeces each season and is obtained from the neck and shoulder part of the fleece.

The wool is carded and then combed to separate the long fibres from the short. Combing also sets the fibres parallel to each other in preparation for spinning.

Each Shetland Combed Top weighs 500g.
Special offers are available for orders of over 10kg of Combed Tops. Please enquire at [email protected]
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Beautiful combed tops and a nice consistent range colour throughout without making it either monochrome and boring or too mixed and diluted. Consistent comb and no neps yet seen. Fast delivery and well packaged. The combed top wasn’t squashed or overly compressed. The consistent natural crimp gives an almost woollen spin! Will definitely buy more.
Lucy C.