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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool


We try really hard not to make mistakes, but sometimes accidents happen...
Here is where we share any mistakes which we have been made aware of in our printed patterns or books, we strive to fix mistakes in subsequent printing so the mistake may no longer be in your pattern but if somethings not adding up make sure to check here:
Jamieson & Smith: A Shetland Story
Page 84 Olivers Hat: 
Colorway 1: Chart B - Row 13, stitch 1 and stitch 2 should be reversed.
BOTH COLOURWAYS: Dec Round: Should read: k2, k2tog, *k8, k2tog, rep from * to last 2 sts, k2. 140 sts
Page 77 Tussacks Shawl:
In Chart B:
• Row 55 should begin with k5, rather than k4, k2tog, and should also end with k5, rather than k2tog, k4. 
• Row 81 should have an additional sk2po in the final column of the boxed repeat.
In the written instructions:
• Row 77 should have a yo after the final k2tog.
K5 [yo, ssk, k3, k2tog, yo, k7] 11 times, yo, ssk, k3, k2tog, yo, k5.
• Row 85 should have a yo before both ssk. 
K4 [k2tog, yo, k5, yo, ssk, k5] 11 times, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, ssk, k4.
St Ninian’s scarf:
Text - Row 1 RS should read right to left.
Text - Row 2 WS should read left to right.
All RS rows should be read right to left and WS, left to right.
Chart - second, fourth, sixth motif on row 13 needs YO removing from centre of motif, replaced with a knit, as in the first motif.
Tall Ships Toorie (old version prior to 2022 redo)
Rib text - Last line should read: Knit 1 rnd, increasing 2 sts on each side of the toorie (144sts).
Crown text - First line should read: *Knit 8 sts in yarn B, knit 3 sts in yarn C, knit 8 sts in yarn B, knit 1 st in yarn C, repeat from * to end of rnd.
Chart B - after rnd 32 there should be another knit rnd in yarn 21.This would be rnd 33.
Chart C - should continue from Chart B, so begins at rnd 34 and following numbered rounds continue accordingly.
Eid Top
This pattern has been reviewed extensively. If you're having problems and you don't have an updated pattern (as of March 2012) please contact us and we'll send you a new PDF: sales@shetlandwoolbrokers.co.uk
Knit Real Shetland
Peat Hill Waistcoat
The red pattern repeat box has been omitted from Chart on page 23. It should cover stitches 53 to 74 inclusive, and rows 1 to 26 inclusive (a pattern repeat of 22 sts and 26 rows).
Kergord Scarf
Page 41, Chart A continued
Rows 90, 92, 94 and 96: There should be 3 knit stitches at the start of these 4 rows (not 2 as shown), so in each case the first yarnover and K2tog symbols should be moved 1 stitch further to the right than shown. All other symbols on these rows are correctly placed.
Muckleberry Hat and Gloves
Page 50, Materials list
The symbols next to the yarn shades do not match (though the written label and shade are correct and match the pattern). Please follow the Glove/Hat Chart Key on page 52 for the correct symbols.
Natalia Yoke
Tension should read 13sts and 18 rows over 2"
North Star Toorie
On earlier printed copies there is a mistake on the chart - stitch 1 on rows 33-42 should be knit in CC.
Peerie Sheep Cushion
If your copy of the pattern is before February 2020 please email us and we will send you a new PDF.
Viking Tunic
Needles used throughout should be 4.5mm
Dale Scarf
4 stitches are missing from the end of the right hand side of the chart, they are just worked as knit stitches. You might find it helpful to place stitch markers at your charted section (49 stitches)