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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Shade Card - 5ply Shetland

Jamieson & Smith
(Code: SH-5PLY)
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£ 3.50

A small sample of all the shades in our 5ply Shetland Range. If you order this on its own you will receive one loose card but if purchased alongside either the Lace or Jumper Weight Shade it will be inside the folder.

Please note as these cards are handmade they may come in and out of stock, we will update this page regularly.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I love the shades and I am looking forward to ordering some wool soon and knitting with it.
Wanda O.
Shopping Satisfaction
Lovely shades. Arrived promptly Have ordered some yarn as the colours are so lovely I am always knitting fisherman’s ganseys so 5 ply addition to your range is most welcome.