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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Peerie Bairns Jumper Pattern

Jamieson & Smith
(Code: BAIRNS)

Peerie Bairns Jumper designed by Sandra Manson for Jamieson & Smith, this is a classic Fair Isle Allover pattern for bairns in 3 colourways and 3 sizes: .To fit: 51 (58.5, 66) cm 20 (23, 26)

This jumper is knit in the round, thus avoiding the need to work purl rows while knitting fairisle. It also means you are always looking at the right side of the colourwork, making it easier to keep your pattern correct. Extra stitches (steeks) are cast on at the arm and neck openings: these
stitches are worked in 1x1 stripe pattern and later cut up the middle once you have finished your knitting. When your garment is complete, cut down the centre stitch of each steek, fold over and neatly sew down on the inside. You can work in knit and purl rows if you prefer but the pattern is written for knitting in the round.

You will need:
Shetland Wool, (118m/25g)
Yarn Quantities
Yarn A 3 (5, 6)
Yarn B 1 (2, 2)
Yarn C 1 (2, 2)
Yarn D 1 (1, 1)
Yarn E 1 (1, 1)

Purple Colourway
Yarn A = shade 20
Yarn B = shade FC50
Yarn C = shade 123
Yarn D = shade 1280
Yarn E = shade 1283

Blue Colourway
Yarn A = shade 21
Yarn B = shade 75
Yarn C = shade 132
Yard D = shade FC34
Yarn E = shade 1

Brown Colourway
Yarn A = shade 80
Yarn B = shade 1284
Yarn C = shade FC38
Yarn D = shade FC7
Yarn E = shade FC43