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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Filska Bonnet Kit

Jamieson & Smith
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£ 31.20

Childrenís frilled bonnets like these have been popular in Shetland for a long time, Alison remembers her Nan making them in the 1970ís for her and her sisters.

As well as being attractive to look at, they are practical, snug and stay on in the Shetland wind! Alison steered away from traditional baby colours for this bonnet and used bright pastel bands on a black background giving the bonnet a retro appearance similar to the Shetland allover jumpers of the 1940/50ís.

The bonnet is one size only to fit a child between 6-18 months but the size can be changed quite dramatically using larger or smaller needle sizes.
Please pay particular attention to the required tension.

The brim is knitted flat on two needles and the main body of the hat is knitted in the round on three needles with a steek.

Kit contains yarn and pattern.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Beautiful, fantastic quality yarn. Pattern included, only need someone to knit it for me!!. Learning to knit,.
Dorothy S.