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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Da Yoxie Hat Kit

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£ 34.80

Kit for Da Yoxie Hat, designed by Alison Rendall. The traditional motif used in this hat is known locally as "Da Whalsa pattern”. It also became known as "the Churchill pattern” after Winston Churchill wore a vest featuring the design. Alison's great-grandfather Hector Rendall was born in 1874 at Wirlie in Clett on the island of Whalsay, eventually moving to Vidlin to raise his family. Everyone knows Whalsay knitters, both past and present, excel at Fair Isle design and colourwork so Alison is very proud of her peerie drap o Whalsa blood.

Available in one size to fit an average-sized adult head. Finished circumference at brim: 50cm. Finished Length from brim to crown is 20cm.

Kit contains pattern and yarn as follows:
Yarn A: 77 2 x 25g Balls
Yarn B: 1403 1 x 25g Balls
Yarn C: 125 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn D: 90 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn E: 66 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn F: 1A 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn G: 14 1 x 25g Ball

You will also need: 3mm needles in your preferred style for working in the round.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Beautiful quality yarn in Da Yoxie Hat Kit, with a clear, concise and easy to follow pattern.
Shopping Satisfaction
The colours of the wool in the pack do not look as bright as the photo suggests but I expect this will change when the hat is knitted up.
The colours of the Silver Darlings beanie came out much darker than the photos but I am v happy with this.
Dr Wanda Owen.
Shopping Satisfaction
Love the yarns in the kit!
Janyce O.