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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Colourbox Yarn Pack 2015


For over ten years we have worked with the local Agricultural shows to develop the Colourbox Challenge, each year we choose 8 shades of yarn from which people make projects using at least 5 of the colours, originally in the Voe Show but now at Cunningsburgh, Walls and Unst shows also. Knitters enter a wide range of Fair Isle Garments and Accessories, people out with Shetland are utterly fascinated with what can be put together but the Colourbox is a testament to our Textile heritage and the skills of Shetlands knitters. Every year we are always amazed at what people come up with using the 8 colours, it has become an annual event and encourages people to continue to enter the shows. The colourbox yarn pack gives you the chance to try your hand at the challenge:

2015 shades: 29, 34, 66, 121, 122, FC14, FC55, FC45