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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Blosta Kit Colourway 2


Kit for the Blosta Hat kit, designed by Amy Gair. The Blosta Hat is inspired by the colours in Shetlands landscape during the spring. The patterns mix linear stripes, blending patterns, and Fair Isle.

Available in one size to fit an average-sized adult head. Circumference 57cm/22 inches.
Length (rib unfolded): 30cms/12 inches
Length (rib folded): 25cm/10 inches

Kit contains pattern and yarn as follows:
Yarn A: 81 2 x 25g Balls
Yarn B: 1285 1 x 25g Balls
Yarn C: 32 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn D: 54 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn E: FC45 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn F: 2 1 x 25g Ball