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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Bjorgvin Beret Kit


Kit for the Bjorgvin Beret designed by Alison Rendall. After a visit to Bergen a few years ago Alison was intrigued by the differences in style between Norwegian knitting and Shetland knitting. Apart from the design differences, colour is also used in a different way. Norwegian star motifs are often knitted using two contrasting colours- including red and white being used effectively against black. This beret has a Shetland appearance but with a Norwegian influence.

Available in one size to fit an average-sized adult head. Finished circumference at brim: 50cm. Finished Length from brim to crown is 20cm.

Kit contains pattern and yarn as follows:
Yarn A: 77 2 x 25g Balls
Yarn B: 54 1 x 25g Balls
Yarn C: 27 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn D: 2 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn E: 1a 1 x 25g Ball
Yarn F: 9113 1 x 25g Ball

You will also need: 3mm needles in your preferred style for working in the round.