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Alice Starmore Book of Fair Isle Knitting

Alice Starmore Book of Fair Isle Knitting

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Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle knitting needs no introduction. The long-awaited reprint of this text is finally here!

The book features over 200 pages and more than 250 step-by-step photographs, drawings and charts, as well as detailed workshops in Colour, Pattern, Design and Technique, a 17-page library of charted Fair Isle patterns as well as instructions for more than 14 of the author's original garment designs. 

The collection of patterns in this book include: "Border Pattern Gansey", "Child's Panel Gansey", "Allover Pattern Sweater", "Cotton Sweater", "Border Pattern Cardigan", "Child's Cardigan Set", "Oversize Panel Cardigan", "Wave Pattern Cardigan", Water Lily Jacket", "V-Neck Vest", "Long-line V-Neck Vest" and "Tammy, Mittens and Gloves Set".