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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool
2004 1kg Cone

2004 1kg Cone

(Code: 2PLC1000SSJ-2004)

Left over from a large trade order this is your opportunity to get a 1kg cone of Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight, usually only available in 50g balls or 500g cone, this is equivalent to 20 x 50g balls and offers a huge saving compared to buying balls. PLEASE NOTE these are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight is woollen spun, completely undyed range of 100% Shetland Wool available in 9 shades. Some are as they come off the sheep and a number are blended from the natural colours. As this is an undyed range we strongly advise getting enough for your project at one time as dye lots can vary immensely. Supreme Jumper Weight can be knitted together with the Dyed Jumper Weight - the weights and tension suggest it is thicker but this is due to the lack of processing meaning the yarn is very open and airy.  The cones are oiled for machine knitting so the finished item must be washed, you can knit this together with the balls although if you are using strong colours (red, blue, black etc) we would suggest swatching in case of colour bleed until the cone wool is washed.

 Please note: as the cones are oiled this can slightly change the colour until washed, check the ball photos for a more accurate colour.