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Jamieson & Smith, Real Shetland Wool

Yoke Cardigans Size 40"

Jamieson & Smith
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Our Yoke Cardigans are completely made here in Shetland by a variety of skilled knitters in their own homes. We have the bodies and sleeves knitted on a domestic knitting machine, they come back to us and we then put them out to knitters to put in the yokes and do the finishing. Each yoke is listed here individually and it has sold in the shop we will contact you to offer an alternative or a refund. 

Traditionally Shetland Knitwear is sized by chest, if you are not sure which size you want measure a cardigan or jumper you like the fit of - lay flat and with a measuring tape see what the measurement is across the front i.e.: 17" then x 2 and it gives you the finished size = 34"
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Yoke Number : 10
Beautifully made cardigan. I have another in a brown color, and love it so much I wanted another. Really pretty and well made.
Andrea M.