Natural Shetland Combed Tops

(Colour: Shetland Black, Size: 500g)

Our Shetland Combed Tops are loved by hand spinners, felt makers and producers of top quality textile items made from the very finest Shetland Wool. The wool for Shetland Combed Tops is hand selected from the best fleeces each season, and is obtained from the neck and shoulder part of the fleece.

The wool is carded and then combed to separate the long fibres from the short. Combing also sets the fibres parallel to each other in preparation for spinning.

Colours available are White, Fawn (currently unavailable), Dark Fawn, Moorit (Mid Brown), Dark Grey and Black (Chocolate). Superfine White top is also available, and has a slightly finer micron count than our regular tops. 
Each Shetland Combed Top weighs 500g.
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Product variations
White 500g
Colour: White
Size: 500g
Fawn 500g
Colour: Fawn
Size: 500g
Moorit 500g
Colour: Moorit
Size: 500g
Light Grey 500g
Colour: Light Grey
Size: 500g
Grey 500g
Colour: Grey
Size: 500g
Shetland Black 500g
Colour: Shetland Black
Size: 500g
Superfine White 500g
Colour: Superfine White
Size: 500g
Sample Pack 100g
Colour: Sample Pack
Size: 100g

Additional product information

Size 500g

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