Crofters Keps Yarn Pack

(Colour: Colourway 4)

Yarn pack containing the wool to knit the 2021 Shetland Wool Week Pattern - Da Crofters Kep by Wilma Malcomson. Kit contains the yarn only and the pattern can be downloaded for free from the wool week website here

Please note: Colourway 2 is the exact J&S colourway as listed in the pattern and Colourways 1, 3, 4 and 5 are the closest matches in our yarn range - they will not look exactly the same. For the original colours please visit the yarn producer directly (Jamiesons of Shetland, Uradale Yarns, Shetland Handspun and Foula Wool)

If a shade is out of stock we will substitute it for something similar, so you may not receive the exact shades listed below but these are the planned shades:

Colourway 1:

A: 36 B: FC61 C: 366  D: FC47 E: FC55 F: FC21

Colourway 2:

A: 2005 B: FC46 C: 122 D: FC38 E: 82 F: 32

Colourway 3:

A: 2 B: 91 C: 121 D: 4 E: 1A  F: FC12

Colourway 4:

A: 203 B: 72 C: 9097 D: 9113 E: 27 F: 21

Colourway 5:

A: 5 B: 54 C: 78 D: 202  E: 4 F: 203


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Product variations
Colourway 1
Colour: Colourway 1
Colourway 2
Colour: Colourway 2
Colourway 3
Colour: Colourway 3
Colourway 4
Colour: Colourway 4
Colourway 5
Colour: Colourway 5
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