Shetlands Sheep

'The definitive guide to sheep and wool in Shetland.'

Did you know that...

  • Shetland Sheep produce the worlds finest wool
  • Sheep putnumber humans in Shetland by over 12 to 1
  • the fleeces of Shetland sheep come in more than 30 different colours and patterns - each with its own name drawn from norn, the ancient langauge of Shetland
  • Shetlands two main wool producers (both called Jamieson) between them produce yarn in over 300 colours
  • The first sheep were brought to Shetland more than 5000 years ago
  • more than 15% of Shetlanders keep sheep
  • it takes 60 seconds to shear a sheep
  • you can tell a sheeps genetic make up by looking at its fleece
  • shetland sheep like to eat seaweed

This book is packed with fun facts about the small, hardy sheep that roam Shetlands moorlands, the wool and the meat they produce, and their role in Shetlands history, economy and society.

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