Shetland Wool Week Annual 2020

In the Shetland Wool Week Annual 2020, Volume 6, the patterns and essays featured all draw inspiration from Shetland wool, our wonderful islands, crofting and textiles heritage. With stunning photography that captures the essence of the islands, there are 13 patterns from 11 designers which include Fair Isle, lace and weaving.


  • Ella Gordon -Radiant Star Cowl
  • Donna Smith -Peerie Leaves Jumper
  • Elizabeth Johnston -Mirknen Dags and Legwarmers
  • Emma Geddes -Beach Glass Tassel Woven Scarf
  • Terri Malcolmson -Rig o’Flooers Cushion
  • Wilma Malcolmson -Katie’s Kep + a new colourway
  • Alison Rendall -Stoorbra Socks
  • Andrea Williamson -Kirk Ness Toorie and Mitts
  • Angela Irvine -Da Skaw Beret
  • Rachel Hunter -Strom Cardigan
  • Alyssa Malcolmson -Bosie Gloves



  • ‘More than a Hat', celebrating Wilma Malcolmson and the Katie’s Kep which has been knitted around the world.
  • Introducing Hilary Burgess, a Shetland vet and farmer, who reflects on the (often humorous) characteristics of Shetland Sheep.
  • Curator at Shetland Museum, Carol Christiansen is a treasure trove of little-known information on Shetland textiles. She has written a piece on Shetland-made infant lace veils which were popular during Victorian times.
  • Shetland knitting dialect, anyone visiting SWW for the first time might be struck with unfamiliar knitting words they hear in the workshops. Here’s an essential guide by Viveka Velupillai which is combined with stunning, original artwork by local artist, Gilly B.
  • Shetland Tweed, Andy Ross describes the long-lasting appeal of this beautiful fabric.

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