Coned Yarn FAQ's

What yarns do you offer on cone?

We have 1 and 2ply supreme lace, Shetland Heritage Dyed & Naturals and 2ply Jumper Weight.

What is the difference between the cones and the balls?

Nothing, when we order a shade we get a certain amount on cone and the rest on ball. It is initially all made on cone then the balance we have ordered on balls is scoured and balled.

Why would I order a cone instead of balls?

Knitting from a cones means there are less ends and you are able to continue knitting. This makes cones great for things like shawls, and plain garments/yoke bodies. As there is less production costs than balls it also works out cheaper.

What is the oil on the Jumper Weight cones?

It is simply a synthetic oil which makes the coning and knitting (especially on a knitting machine) much easier. It is not lanolin, it is similar to sewing machine oil.

Can I handknit with it or do I need to wash it before I use it? And can I use it alongside un-oiled yarn?

You do not need to wash it before using it. The yarn feels much thinner when it is oiled but it is the same yarn as the balls and will wash out to look exactly the same. The only time we would advise not to use it alongside un-oiled yarn would be for instance if you were making something in black, navy, red or another very strong colour alongside white or a very pale colour. Sometimes the strongly pigmented shades can be loosened by the oil and may bleed into lighter colours. If that is the case we would advise winding off, washing then knitting.

How do I wash it to get the oil out?

We would always advise washing and dressing anything knit in Shetland wool as this is when it will look its best. For oiled wool projects ensure to use hot, not boiling, water and any type of wool wash. Do not agitate the project and rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. Once it runs clear the oil has been removed.

I can't see the colour I want on a cone in the 2ply Jumper Weight, will you ever have it?

We do not have all colours in 2ply Jumper Weight on a cone at all times but we do have most of them. We keep our online shop updated and add shades back on as soon as they come in. If the cone is not there it is not currently available, but if you continue to check back it will be available again. If a colour continually proves to not be popular on cone we may not order it but there are very few shades like that.