Chinese and Japanese orders

Chinese and Japanese orders

Chinese and Japanese customers please note:

We have issues on the website when orders are placed on a phone or ipad in China and Japan, so please order on a computer or laptop. Thanks!

Japanese: コンピュータやラップトップで注文してください。電話やipadで注文したものが正しく通らないことがあります。ありがとう!

Chinese: 请在电脑或笔记本电脑上订购,通过电话或iPad发出的订单有时无法正常通过,谢谢!

Chinese Customers - please select China Delivery at Checkout. We can only allow orders up to 1kg at the moment and if you select the wrong delivery option we will refund your order

中國客戶 - 請在結賬時選擇中國送貨。我們目前只允許訂單量高達1公斤,如果您選擇了錯誤的送貨方式,我們將退還您的訂單。