Real Shetland Wool

The "Three Sheep Logo"- defining Real Shetland Wool:

The 3-Sheep logo is a registered Trademark associated with our products. We use it to protect the Real Shetland wool brand, and assure customers of the authenticity and origin of our wool.



You can see this symbol on all of our yarns and also on a range of  products produced by other licensed companies who use Real Shetland wool that has been grown in the Shetland Islands, sourced from over 700 of our local crofters and farmers. With our long history of specialisation in Shetland wool our customers can be sure that it is graded and sorted to the very highest standards. Furthermore, you can also be certain that your wool benefits crofters and farmers in Shetland, and supports both sheep numbers and rural communities that depend on the crofting industry.