Brora Black Cobweb Shawl Charted

Brora Black Cobweb Shawl Charted

This is a completly charted version of our Brora Black Cobweb Shawl, designed by Gladys Amedro this 1ply Shawl is knit from the outside in - beginning with the edging, these stiches are then picked up and the shawl is worked in towards the centre.

You can knit this shawl in either 1ply Cobweb or 1ply Shetland Supreme. Cobweb is available in Black and White and 1ply Supreme is available in 5 natural shades and an Optic White.


Product variations
Colour: White
Colour: Black
Colour: Fawn
Colour: Moorit
Colour: Grey
Shetland Black
Colour: Shetland Black
Natural White
Colour: Natural White
Optic White
Colour: Optic White
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