Shetland Hap Shawls by Sharon Miller

Shetland Hap Shawls by Sharon Miller

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A ‘Hap’ is a warm, deceptively simple lace-patterned shawl traditionally knitted in Shetland:

“The Shetland hap shawl is often the first piece of Shetland Lace attempted by many a knitter, even though we may not know the pattern by that name at the time. It was the case with me and is so, and has been for many another for at least 150 years, and most likely longer than that.

When we see this shawl first dressed, we begin an entrancement with Shetland lace knitting that often leads us to go on to ever finer and more intricate pattern work. But it seems a pity that our first starting point should be so overshadowed - I and others love the hap in its many forms : workaday ‘stout’, baby christening fine, or enchantingly shaded. Unlike finest Shetland Lace, the hap shawl has no recorded history as such and so this book is an attempt to give it both a tribute and a first context.”

Sharon Miller, author of ‘Heirloom Knitting’, has written this book out of love for her first piece of Shetland Lace, a baby shawl that she later found to be a delicate small Shetland hap. Discovering this, she began to explore the history and patterning of this beautiful knitting whilst still keeping a love for that first basic hap shawl – an affection that has lead to this book.

Using a wide selection of nineteenth century sources – we can even read the words of Shetland knitters taken down in 1872! - here is a history of the Shetland Hap and we can trace its making from sheep to shawl. Sharon Miller gives authentic traditional designs and modern hap patterns in written and charted forms together with ‘colour recipes’ for numerous beautiful borders.

This comprehensively illustrated book is for lace knitters with a love of history!

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