Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy

Northern Knits by Lucinda Guy

"Northern Knits" opens with an introduction that explores the traditions of quintessential European knitting cultures, from the wool and yarns to the history of the garments traditionally made from them. Accompanying the information is a breathtaking montage of photos showing vintage traditional garments and landscapes. The collection of 20 women's garments and accessories uses traditional knitting techniques and folk motifs inspired by these regions to showcase these classic wool yarns. The projects explore a range of techniques and knitwear construction ideas that are both interesting to knit and very wearable. Featured techniques include: Knitting in the round Lace Fair Isle Twined knitting Embroidery Lucinda Guy's newest collection includes the best of new and old in knitwear: the inspiration of folk traditions, the wholesome purity of natural wool yarns, and the styles of today's knitter.


The patterns in this book are well presented, with stunning photography and clear directions. Please see below for examples from the book made in J&S yarn. Please note that we are happy to make up any kits for you from the book.



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