Shetland Lace by Gladys Amedro

Shetland Lace by Gladys Amedro

GLADYS AMEDRO (1920-2001)


Born and brought up in London, Gladys Amedro first started knitting at the age of four, encouraged by her grandmother. She retained her interest in knitting throughout the years, including during her period of service with the ATS both at home and abroad. She met her husband in Jerusalem and they married after the war. Their home was made in Perthshire, her husband’s birthplace. They had two sons, both now married.


They first visited Shetland in 1966, fell in love with the islands and especially the people, and decided to make their retirement home in Yell, where they lived until 1999.


Gladys turned to designing and pattern production after she started knitting with cobweb lace wool in 1979. As Gema Ord she produced designs for several magazines, along with many exclusive patterns for Jamieson & Smith.


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