50 Tips from Shetland Knitters

50 Tips from Shetland Knitters

Shetlanders Hazel Tindall and Elizabeth Johnston have been knitting for many years, using the efficient knitting techniques perfected by generations of Shetlanders. Hazel knits and designs mainly Fair Isle, while Elizabeth spins, dyes, weaves, designs and knits both lace and fair isle.

The 3.5 hour 2-disc DVD includes:

  • casting on
  • how to hold yarns and needles
  • working edge stitches, and making stitches from edges
  • increasing and decreasing
  • two colour knitting and how to catch floats
  • joining pieces, including grafting, seaming and simple 3 needle bind off
  • joing yarn in plain, lace and fair isle
  • reading charts
  • thumbs, pockets, heels, fingers, buttonholes, using beads
  • fixing mistakes
  • finishing

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